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Fun Science Summer Camp Water Experiments To Do With Kids

Fun Science Summer Camp Water Experiments To Do With Kids

With summers knocking at your door, you must be wondering whether it is time for your kid to enroll on a science summer camp. To help your kid prepare for the summer camp, you can get them in practice mode before they enroll on the local science camp for kids. Let us start with water. Now, water experiments are a fun adventure in the summer months. Plus, it is also a budget-friendly option to help your kid learn some fun experiments.

So, without further ado, let us get started with some amazing yet simple water experiments you can do with your kids.

Quick Experiments With Water For Kids

Candle Inside A Jar

This fun experiment requires you to get the least supplies and can be fun when it comes to learning the potential of water. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that your kid is under adult supervision. The setup is easy & quick, which can be done in mere 15-30 minutes.

Supplies Needed:
  • Glass
  • Matches
  • Tea-Light Candle
  • Water Bowl
  • Food Coloring

Start by pouring some water into the tray or bowl (1/2 inch of water will be enough). If you wish to, you can add some food coloring to observe the water properly. Now, place the tea candle within the water & light it up. Now, cover this setup with water glass as it sits within the water bowl.

This is where the real change happens. You will notice that the water level starts to rise inside the jar. This happens due to the consumption of oxygen within the glass jar. With time, the candle will use up more oxygen, causing the candle to blow out. So, you can see that the water outside is at the same level. However, the water inside has risen in level.

This is a fun experiment to help your kid understand how air-pressure works. It will help your kid prepare for other fun experiments in a science camp for kids.

Non-Mixing Water Experiment

Have you seen those pictures of places where two different oceans meet each other but don’t actually mix? This next experiment is very similar. However, you don’t need such a vast water body to see the effects.

For this, you need the following supplies:

Supplies Needed:
  • Four  glasses
  • Hot water
  • Coldwater
  • Food Coloring
  • Cardboard Piece

You will need the food coloring to differentiate between cold and hot water. Fill two of the glasses to the brim with the cold water. Now, add some food coloring. Next, fill the other two glasses with some hot water but don’t add any food coloring to the same.

In the next step, you might have to supervise your child so that they don’t spill the water or break the glass. Now, place the cardboard piece over a glass filled with cold water. Now, press down in a firm manner & turn the glass’s mouth down. This will now create a tight seal which doesn’t let the water spill. Next, place this cardboard-covered glass over the glass with hot water.

This will create a tight seal, and the water won’t spill out even when inverted. Once you are assured that these two glasses are perfectly lined up. Now, gently slide your cardboard out and see what happens.

You will notice that the colors don’t mix when you place hot water above cold water. However, with the cold water, both above and below, the colors will start mixing almost immediately.

You can explain to your kid the science behind it and watch them get mesmerized by this fun science experiment before they enroll on a science camp for kids.

Balloons That Don’t Burst

If you stick some cello tape on your balloon and place it on top of a pin, it simply won’t burst. But what if you put it over a candle? Amazed, right? Yes, it can happen. You can hang your balloon on top of a candle or fire source, and it won’t burst.

Normally, if you place your balloon over a fire source, it will surely burst in a second. However, you can introduce some modifications, and the balloon won’t burst. This can be a great experiment for kids that enroll on a science camp near me. Simply fill the balloon halfway with water and then blow up the rest with air. When you hang this water-filled balloon over the fire, it won’t burst. The science behind this neat little experiment is just as interesting and can be explained when your kid enrolls for a science summer camp.

The Walking Water Experiment

Another fun science experiment that can be organized for your kid is the walking water experiment. This experiment is incredibly easy. All you need is just some water & food coloring. First, start by filling about 3 cups with water. The level should be about 3/4th. Now, align all these 3 cups next to one another with an empty cup in between.

Next, fold a kitchen roll in one long string and place it in an interconnecting way between all the glasses. You might start observing the changes in color within a short time. However, it is recommended that you leave the experiment overnight to see the best results. In the morning, you will see that the water in each cup is the same, and this applies to the empty cup as well.


So, it is time to start experimenting with your kids and prepare them for a fun experience in the science camp for kids. Doing this will help them fit in easily when they visit a science summer camp. Make sure you practice safety tips and ensure that your kid learns about them as well when performing these experiments.

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