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Science Assembly

Super Science Programs for Kids

Presents Dan “The Science Man’s”

Science Shows for Schools, Libraries, & Museums

Programs are offered to schools, PTAs, recreation groups, scouts, libraries, museums and homeschool groups in New Jersey, NY, and Pennsylvania.
  • Presented by retired Science and STEM Specialist, Dan “The Science Man”.
  • Dan was a Presidential Science Award Winner
  • Now booking for the winter/spring 2024.

Assembly Programs:


Pre-K - Grade 6

  • 45 – 60 minutes in length per show
  • Offered for up to 100 students per show
  • Multiple shows available at discounted rates
  • All shows include fun demonstrations and hands-on experimentation
  • Programs are geared to your group
  • All assembly programs are offered by Dan “The Science Man”

Chemical Wizardry - Grades (K-6*)

In this dynamic and entertaining show, children will learn chemistry concepts through fun and dynamic demonstrations! Participants will witness classic chemical demonstrations that ignite their interest in science and have them wanting to see more! Demonstrations include: Yellow and Blue Switcheroo, Water-To-Wine, Giant Rings of Fog, The Science is Fun Sock Cannon, Magic Genie in the Bottle, Old Foamey Eruption, and much more! Plus – all participants will make and take home at least one chemical concoction!
*Can be scaled down for pre-school classes.

Physics Fun - Grades (K-6*)

Get ready to learn science concepts in a fun and unique style. Children will perform magical physics demonstrations involving Newton’s laws of motion, gravity, magnetism, electricity, air pressure, ultraviolet light, optics, and more. Experiment with spinning tops gyroscopes, hair raising demonstrations, and the principles of flight & Energy transformation. All students will take home a sampling of physics toys that they will experiment with at the program!
*Can be scaled down for pre-school classes.

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